Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Snacking in the hospital

Well, today was a total rush to get through.  I had a hospital appointment related to my broken ankle and subsequent operation.  As the radiographers were about to go on strike on Friday, the x-ray was back-logged and rushing to get through all the patients.

But for once I was sorta prepared!

A rushed snack, and a rushed photo sorry....  but here it is.... a selection of nuts and raisins, a boiled bantum egg for protein and 2 yogurt covered apricots.

Sadly, I was delayed in the hospital, which made me a little more hungry than the snack, so I had a salad sandwich from the cafe there.  So "mission-healthy" was on track... until I had a chocolate bar for tea!

Tomorrow I will make some mini-pizzas... at some point....