Monday, November 14, 2011

Danish Pastry

I LOOOOOOVE Danish Pastry.  It has to be one of the all-time great foods.  I blame the fact that my Maternal Great-Grandparents emigrated from Denmark (obviously forsaking the fact that I am Scotish on my Father's side, and I do not like Haggis).

Anyway, I just found this recipe for Danish pastry.  It looks so good.  I'll probably give it a go later in the week... yes, I am procrastinating again from my novel.  But, this should prove to be a more exciting thing to do than popping down to the local bakery for Danishes....

Danish Pastry Recipe

I recently started writing for Wikinut, which is a great online community.  It was here that I found this gem of a recipe.  If you are interested in also writing for Wikinut, follow the link below and register. 

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