Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Despicable Me" iPhone Cozy - Knitting Pattern

I admit, this is a little nuts. But, it got my mind working, and is a great size for getting over the RSI from the Doctor Who Scarf.... Here it is... A minion iPhone cozy. It will fit similar sized phones, or the itouch. For the iPhone 5 you will need to knit the yellow section longer though.

You will need:
- size 4mm needles
- yellow and blue dk wool
- goggle eye
- crotchet hook for the chains

Minion iPhone cozy

Cast on 26 in blue on 4mm needles
Stst 10 rows

Change to yellow
Stst 24 rows
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Knit 13, purl 13
Knit whole row
Cast off 13, purl to end
Stst 8 rows
K2tog, knit to last 2, k2 tog
P2tog, purl to last 2, p2 tog
Repeat previous 2 rows until 3 stitches remain
S1, k2tog, psso

Pick up 6 blue on the short side of the blue section.

Stst 6 rows
Cast off.

Chain a length of crochet from the top point of the yellow, and the 2 corner points of the overall fronts.

Stitch up side of the cozy.
Stitch a single eye on the front, and a smile.
Stitch the overall straps in place.
Link the yellow chain around the eye as a closure.

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