Monday, September 30, 2013

10 Crafts in 10 Days: Tardis Brooch Pin

For some reason I've decided to complete 10 crafts in 10 days... Alright, mainly as I have a stockpile of things I have wanted to do, and I should get stuck in before heading to China in November. (Yes, China!)

The first one is this Tardis Pin made from felt.

You will need:
Blue felt scraps
Black felt scrap
White felt (or I used ribbon)
Fabric glue
Cotton - in blue, white and black
Pin back or safety pin

Cut 2 rectangles to the size you want. Mine were 3cm by 5cm.

Carefully cut out 8 'windows'.

Glue a square of white felt or ribbon behind the top 2, and the first one on the second row.

Glue onto plain blue square. Use one of the cut out windows to make the light on the top.

Cut a strip of black and glue to the top of the box.

Stitch around the outsides. I used a blanket stitch in matching shades around the outsides and insides of the windows.

Stitch on the "Police Box" sign and the pin back.

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