Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 Crafts in 10 Days - Tardis Sneakers

Well, with the chaos of Friday, I never had a chance to post, and today has also been a little nuts. We build a pathway! Okay, not that exciting.

Here we have the product of like 4 days crafting on and off... Tardis Sneakers.

I bought the sneakers for like $5 ages ago. I actually bought 4 pairs, 2 in black and 2 in white... Gave a pair of black ones away, and wore out a black and white pair by wearing them to work. They are super comfy.

So these were blocked out first, then painted with fabric paint. I used fabric markers around the words, and the windows, then painted in the rest. When they dried, I sprayed them with water proofing spray.

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