Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tie-dye Rainbow Cake

I admit it... I have become known for my Rainbow Cake... but even I admit that it is sweet to the extreme.  With 5 layers, jam holding the layers together, and 2 layers of icing, it is a mouthful.  It also takes a couple of days to compile.  Literally.  So this is an easier alternative.  And I did need to make a cake to farewell my fantastic student teacher.

How to do this....

Make one batch of White Cake.

Then using the 1 cup scoop (I have a cup scoop that is a little less than a full cup, 235ml, which is great).  Scoop a cup, and colour with red colouring.  Mix with a small spatula, then dump in the middle of a cake tin. Take anther scoop and colour with orange.  Dump this into the middle of the red.  Repeat until you have run out of cake mix or colours.

Smooth the cake batter around the pan carefully, trying not to disturb the colour mix as much as possible.

Bake as usual.  I like a chocolate icing, covered with sprinkles. ;)

When cut, the colours look pretty impressive.

There is my layered Rainbow Cake taking centre stage at the last staff morning tea shout.

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