Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tie Top Baby Hat - Knitting Pattern

This hat is a simple knit, with a cute tied top variation on a standard hat. There are no seams either, which has to be a bonus!

Will fit a large new born to about 6 months old.

Cute Tie-Top Baby Hat

You will need:
3.25mm circular needle
Baby yarn - 4ply, machine washable
Length of ribbon

Cast on 92 stitches.
Rib in a k2, p2 pattern for 14 rows

Knit 30 rounds or rows.

K3, k2 tog over the whole row.

Knit 10 rows or rounds

K1, yarn over needle, k2 together - repeat over whole row.

Knit 10 rows or rounds

Cast off by knitting 2 together over the whole row.

Darn in the tails.
Thread a length of ribbon through the holes and tie tightly.

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