Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A flap and a hassle

Well... with today being a total flap and hassle and stress-fest- I have decided to burn the candle well and truly to get a less busy start to the day.

I have now done my first EVER made-the-night-before bento.... and made lentils and fishcakes for my husband's lunch tomorrow.  Going like the clappers..... even made a gingerbread cake for my cast... though in my hast to get it out of the tin, have broken it.... but the BEST thing about teenagers- they EAT anything!.. ....

So here is tomorrows lunch- stay tuned to see if it lives.... :D

It's the hamburger bento again.... salad on the bottom layer.  Boring as.  Top layer has flamingo sticks of cheese, pineapple and grapes (my salute to Grandma's luncheons).... kiwi fruit slices, a thingy of almonds and a marshmellow with apprehensive face drawn on.  All the picks are birds, and the salad dressing is in a bird bottle---- my salute to flapping!  It had me smiling anyway.