Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's a busy weekend around the house... :D

Well, I usually loathe and despise those annoying chores like lawns, weeds... etc... but not today.  I will post later about what I found outside!  Joy!

But for now, it is lunch.  And I was on the fringe of just saying, "screw it" and eating a muesli bar or skipping lunch completely (and being totally over it by dinner and bingeing.... so not good).

So I opened the fridge and decided to comparmentalise my lunch.... and just eat leftovers....

Here we have some leftover lentil and bulgar wheat salad- still amazing even given that I made it on Thursday (and is now Sunday).  Fresh bread toasted, cut into puzzle pieces, topped with leftover peanut butter and half a banana cut into slices on top.... meal mates minis with cheese stars, 1/4 cup of nuts and raisins (also left over from movie night the other day), and a kiwi fruit.  Not a bad effort, all things considered.  I shall now head back outdoors to continue working on the gardens... after hanging the laundry.

You may notice a beagle sneaking a glance at my lunch.... and here she is again after being denied my computing snacks!

Way way way too cute to be ignored!