Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's Growing?

With spring having sprung and summer just around the corner, the garden is finally looking half decent.  After a shocking last year, where very little actual care went into the garden, there were so many other things to do... this year is different.  I hope.

Our best crops last year were easily the chilies and strawberries, with a disappointing show from tomatoes and lettuce.  Honourable mention to cucumbers though, as they did okay.

What you can see in front is the strawberry/dog-relaxation-area patch.  This year I finally have pea-strawed the area, and I'll see how this goes.  Behind is the lettuce patch, with cucumbers and zucchini set to climb the obelisk.  This worked so well last year that I decided to do it again.  At the back is corn, a new crop for us, and tomatoes with basil.  What you can see at the back on the left is the boysenberries and raspberries, and a naughty beagle- who likes to sit on my strawberry patch!

In the 2 beds you cannot see we have the herbs, with parsley and mint doing well, silver beet, pumpkin and peas.  We also have the chilies and coriander in the 'curry' garden.

So far we have only been eating the herbs.  I hope to have lettuce shortly, and if I remember to get a new bird net, some strawberries.