Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lamb Beanie Knitting Pattern

My class are currently writing and performing their own Pantomime plays- hence the pea beanie and now the lamb beanie. This one turned out really cute.

I used a chenille yarn. It was cheap as chips, and gives a great look for the sheep wool effect.

You will need:
Size 5mm needles
Size 7mm needles
White fluffy wool
Pink dk wool

Cast on 70 stitches in green on 5mm needles.
Stst 4 rows
Rib 2 rows

Change to 7mm needles.
Knit 20 rows

K3, k2 together over the whole row
K2, k2 together over the whole row
K1, k2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row

Cut yarn, leaving 30cm, thread all stitches onto the yarn, pull to tighten

Ears - outer ear - make 2
Cast on 10 stitches in white chenille on size 7mm needles
Knit 10 rows
K2 tog, knit to last 2, k2tog. Repeat until only 2 stitches remain. K2 tog, cut yarn, thread through the last stitch and pull tight.

Inner ear - make 2
On size 5mm needles, cast on 10 stitches in pink.
Stst 12 rows
K2 tog, knit 6, k2 tog
K2 tog, knit 4, k2 tog
P2 tog, p2, p2 tog
K2 tog, k2 tog
P2 tog, cut thread, slip through remaining stitch and pull tight.

Sew the inside to the outside, because the outer ear is larger, it will curve round the front. Stitch ears to the lower part of the hat.

Stitch up the seam.

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