Thursday, July 11, 2013

5+ a Day Challenge: Day 4

It's been a struggle to eat right today, with 33 teenagers in the capital city, Wellington. Admittedly, it's the coolest little capital in the world. We hiked all over the city, having a blast.

- blt bagel - sans bacon
- hash brown
- hot choccy (yup, maccas)

- tank juice (apple, orange, pineapple)
- 2 slices of the best marguerita pizza ever!

- cookie
- Scroggin

- Kumara soup (though the husband got takeaways.

5 portions - I'm not counting the hashbrown as a portion, nor the tomato on the pizza, which was made fresh. So wonderful. I also bought new bento stuff... I'm so bad!

But this is cool... Chard or silver beet growing outside the train station. Community food looking gorgeous! That's Ghandi in the back!

Plans are afoot for a better day tomorrow.

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