Monday, July 22, 2013

Totoro Beanie - Knitting Pattern

Recently I was asked to make a Totoro beanie, and I'm pleased with this pattern. Totoro is a character from the Japanese Anime "My Neighbour Totoro".


You will need:
Grey, black and white dk yarn
4.5mm needles
6mm needles
2 goggle eyes

Cast on 80 on 4.5mm
Rib 8 rows

Change to 6mm
Stst 24 rows
K3, k2 together over the whole row
K2, k2 together over the whole row
K1, k2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
K2 together over the whole row
Cut yarn, leaving 30cm, thread all stitches onto the yarn, pull to tighten

Pick up 16 stitches from the bottom of the hat along the ribbing. These should create a panel of knitting that rolls from the inside of the hat around onto the outside.

Stst 8 rows
9- K2 tog, knit to last 2, k2 tog
10- P2 tog, purl to last 2, p2 tog
Repeat rows 9 and 10 until 4 stitches remain.
Cast off.

Ears - make 2
Cast in 1 on 4.5mm
1- K1 front, yarn round needle, k1 back (now referred to as k1f,yo,k1b)
2- Purl
3- K1, k1f,yo,k1b, k1
4- Purl
5- K2, k1f,yo,k1b, k2
6- Purl
7- K3, k1f,yo,k1b, k3
8- Purl
9- K4, k1f,yo,k1b, k4
10- Purl
11- Knit
14- purl
15- K2 tog, k to last 2, k2 tog
16- Purl 2 tog, p to last 2, purl 2 tog
Repeat 15 and 16 until 5 stitches remain
Cast off

Stitch on the ears, folding the last portion knitted into a thin tube first.attach firmly to the top of the hat.

Embroider a few chevrons on his belly.

Attach 2 eyes and a nose. Optional to include a couple of twisted yarn whiskers.
Stitch up the back of the hat.

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