Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Despicable Me" Minion Toy (2eyed) Knitting Patten

So, I designed the One Eyed Minion Toy, and as he was becoming so darn popular, here is his buddy, the Two Eyed Minion! And yes... My mind is also thinking about the evil minions.....

He is a little shorter and fatter than his buddy, and uses medium eyes rather than a large one.

You will need:
Size 4mm needles
Dk wool in blue, black, yellow, grey
2 medium goggle eyes


Cast on 12
Stst 4 rows in black
Stst 6 rows in blue

Slide 2 legs together
K1, k1 front and back, repeat over whole row
Stst 9 rows blue
Stst 20 rows yellow
Stst 3 rows black
Stst 9 rows yellow
K2 tog over whole row
Purl whole row
K2 tog over row. Cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn.

Overall front
Using a crochet hook, pick up 11 stitches on the front of the minion, in the last row of blue.
Stst 9 rows
Cast off.

Eye surround - make 2
Cast on 3 stitches in grey.
Stst 20 rows
Cast off

Cast on 12 in yellow
Stst 10 rows yellow
Stst 4 black
K2 tog over row, cut yarn, thread stitches onto yarn, pull to tighten.

Straps - make 2 (or you can braid 3 strands of wool long enough)
Cast on 3 in blue
Stst 34 rows
Cast off.

Attach twisted yarn hairs to the top of the head. Keep these in neat lines rather than all over like the one eyed minion has.
Stitch up legs and overall bottoms (blue knitting)
Stitch up head and black strap.
Stuff and sew up the back.
Sew up arms and attach to body.
Attach eyes to the front of the black stripe. These should just be touching without the surrounds on.

Sew grey eye surrounds into a circle, stitch around the eye. Run yarn around the side, and pull to tighten around the goggle eye.

When both surrounds are attached, stitch them together in the middle.
Attach straps to the back of the minion, crossing over his back.
Attach to top of overalls with black thread.
Stitch on a smile.

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