Saturday, July 13, 2013

5+ a Day Challenge: Day 5

Well, the last day of term, and the one I had dreaded most. Usually a sugar fed high of chaos.

- Special K
- peaches

- lasagne (vegetarian)
- Kumara soup
- 2 bread rolls
- mandarin

I was too full for the pasta salad or kiwi.

- nuts
- scone with jam
- Pringles chips (it was a movie, alright!)

- falafel Iskender

Portions: 8

And how was I feeling? Together. Usually at the movies I eat all sorts, and drink juice. This time I went with peanut m&ms and didn't even touch them. I drank a bottle of water and was happy.

I know I need to eat as many fresh vege as possible. In my counts I've only been using the vege portions of things that were fresh or whole. And I made it.

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